Friday, September 18, 2015

Scary Baby Names!

Scary baby names? Probably not the first thing a parent-to-be starts considering when picking out what to call their little one. However, for those of you who live for the creepy, spooky, scary things in life - we chose our 13 favorite "scary" baby names! Some of these will always be associated with Halloween, some of them are actually really cute - let us know in the comments if we missed any really good ones or if you gave your P'Baby a spooky name! 

1. Lydia

MEANING: "woman from Lydia"

Scary because...  Every little Goth girl's role model - name her Lydia and keep her closet full of only black! Just make sure her first (and second and third) words aren't Beetlejuice.

2. Sidney

MEANING"Saint Denis"

Scary because...  Sidney Prescott from Scream is the ultimate final girl - she survived all four films to date and we're guessing we haven't seen the end of her yet! This is one rad name for a tough little P-Babe. 

3. Freddy

MEANING: "Peaceful ruler"

Scary because...  Nightmare On Elm Street! Mr. Krueger is the exact opposite of a peaceful ruler - we actually really love the name Freddy, but beware this super scary association!

4. Jason

MEANING: "to heal"

Scary because...  Friday the 13th! One of horror's most iconic bad guys - who again, is the total opposite of the meaning of his name!

5. Blair

MEANING: "dweller on the plain"

Scary because... Blair Witch Project, hello! Hopefully you were lucky enough to see that one after everyone realized it wasn't actual found footage... we still get the creeps driving by forests that look like that...

6. Damien

MEANING: "to tame, subdue"

Scary because... The Omen. One of the creepiest kids EVER, besides Rosemary's baby. Super cool name, though - don't let this stop you from choosing it for your P'Baby!

7. Carrie

MEANING: "free man"

Scary because... ummm... see below! 

8. Chucky

MEANING: variation of Chuck/Charles

Scary because... there's just something about inanimate things coming alive that skeeves us out to the max. Especially when they're life size dolls who like knives...

9. Casper

MEANING: "treasurer"

Scary because...
 ok, totally not scary. We love Casper! He's a FRIENDLY ghost! 

10. Frank(enstein)

MEANING: "Frenchman or free man"

Scary because... is it wrong we actually think he's kinda cute? Lurching around and creeping everybody out? Out of all the bad dudes on the list... he's really not so bad!

11. Channing

MEANING: "wolf cub"

Scary because...
 You either love him or hate him. We're on Team Tatum, and his name has a pretty awesome meaning... but his ridiculous and creepy "wolf" costume from Jupiter Ascending landed Magic Mike on our scary list!

12. Winifred/Winnie

MEANING: "holy peacemaking, gentle friend"

Scary because...
 She's the head witch in Hocus Pocus, and we're pretty afraid of that hairdo. Seriously adorable name though!

13. Jack

MEANING: "God is gracious"

Scary because... Jack O' Lanterns, Jack the Ripper, and our creepy cute fave - Jack Skellington!

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