Thursday, September 24, 2015

Zombie Shirts for Your Undead Family

Clockwise from top left: Personalized Name Game Gift Set: Zombie Snack $40.00 | Future Walker Baby Shirt $20.00 | Walking Dad Zombie Shirt Set $32.00 | The Walking Dad Mug $14.00 | Personalized Name Game Placemat: Zombie $12.00 |  Yummy Tummy T-Shirt Halloween $26.00 | Personalized Name Game One-Piece: Zombie $26.00

ZOMBIES ARE HERE! Whether you're a fan of the old-school 1970s brain-eaters, or have a Fear of The Walking Dead that keeps you up at night - you're in good company! Check out our creepy personalized name game zombie collection, our rad "Walking Dad" gifts, and our newest set - perfect for sleep-deprived parents and their zombabies! Add extra kids tees to this set if you have a whole herd of zombie snacks running around your house.

Zombie Family Shirt Set New

Once you're all decked out in your undead finest, settle in for a fun Night (of the Living Dead!) and check out our five fave zombie movies!

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