Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Bump Day - Meet the Space Girls!

The Space Girls Bring Out-Of-This-World-Art To Your Little One's Room!

Wylee Jacobson and Dana Haskins are the Space Girls, and their mission is to help parents everywhere by handling all of your baby's rooming needs! Wylee whom you may already know from her graphic design company, Wystar Design, is the cutie-patootie who desigend our super-cool Custom Tattoo prints for the Psycho Baby Brand! She and her pal Dana, a personal shopper, met long ago at a marketing firm and bonded over a love of color, form and kids!
Dedicated Aunties, the Space Girls are bringing their how-to knowledge, artistic talent and Auntie-ness to your child's bedroom style renovation! They can turn requets for pretty pinks, zebras, skateboards or even the most challenging of design (pink zebras riding skateboards!) into a beautiful space for your little one to thrive in! The SG have a handle on most everything, so whether your dream is to do up your new baby's room in the perfect color palette or personalize a new Big Girl or Boy room to entice your oldest to enter into sibling-dom, these Girls are for you!
Bringing their art backgrounds and fab taste to your door, the SG can help you see out your vision for your child's dream bedroom, working with paint choices, decor, murals and custom prints that will bring the personal touch to your little one's room. Well versed in going green, the SG can help you pick the healthiest choices for your little one, and also come with a bevy of contacts so everything from baby-proofing to large-scale mural work can be ready and waiting for your little one when they come home for the first time.
If you need the Space Girls for your eldest's room, don't fret about conflicting tastes. The SG know how to work their inner Auntie, so in consulting with both the parents and the child, everyone ends up happy and sleeping soundly through the whole process!
If you want to get an out of this world room ready in the Chicagoland Area, be sure to contact the Space Girls, who also can use this here interweb to consult on projects out of town that'll give your little star the bedroom they long for!

Check out the cool Psycho Baby Custom Tattoo Prints to add to your new room!

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  1. I saw the cutest Space Girls room, just love your designs.


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