Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Extraordinary Fancy Nancy Gift Sets!

Your little one is sure to experience the joie de vivre (that's fancy for "the joy of living") with the new Madame Alexander Fancy Nancy Dolls and Let's Get Fancy Activity Kit. If you are not familiar with Jane O'Connor's funky heroine, Fancy Nancy has many books to her credit, and they are well-deserved! Little ladies everywhere love her fancy style (tutus, sparkle shoes and fancy words are just part of her charm!) and now they can enjoy playtime with New Fancy Nancy merchandise (that's a fancy word for "products!")!
Let's begin with the "Let's Get Fancy Together" Activity Kit - which is purse-shaped and comes with tons of activities and accessories (that's fancy for "stuff!") for your glamour-girl-on-the-go! The Madame Alexander Fancy Nancy Tote Set includes a beautiful doll (wearing a poodle skirt, naturally!) based on the Posh Puppy book and a travel tote that unzips to reveal Fancy Nancy's bedroom play mat, full of hidden delights! The Fancy Nancy Cloth Doll, also from Madame Alexander, is ready to accompany even the smallest fan on their fantastic voyages (which is a fancy word for "journeys!")
We are positively sure your little Glitter Mama will be in love with the new Fancy Nancy sets and toys, and as Nancy herself realizes in book 1, love is the fanciest thing of all!

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