Friday, December 5, 2008

Kids Rubber Duck Snow Joggers Have Arrived!

You may have seen these gracing the (Project) Runway on many fabulous folks feet (Check out Heidi Klum and daughter Leni left), and now the Kids' SnowJogger boots from Rubber Duck are here to cover your child's tootsies in practical style! These cool colorful kids' snow boots are both practical and super stylin' and are the brainchild of Eik Braun Ottosen of Denmark. The SnowJogger is available in pink, red, blue and rainbow in sizes 8-1 for a snowy style that'll bring an extra smile to every snow man you meet!
Ottosen parlayed his business background into a hip footwear company, Rubber Duck Brand, that has taken the world by storm with their-ready-to-wear winter gear. His inspiration came to him one day as he walked his dog, Nuki, through the snow. In one big Ah-ha moment, the SnowJogger was born, combining the comfort of a running shoe sole with the with the warmth of a padded upper. Style mavens with cold feet everywhere rejoiced at the sight of these brightly colored snowboots, which are perfectly suited to the young and young at heart!
Speaking of hearts, Ottosen has followed through with his mission to not only have a rockin' company, but one that makes a positive difference in the world as well. With the introduction of his new (SMILE) Project, he brought new meaning to the song, "Rubber Duckie, you're the one!" Besides making bathtime a lotta fun, 100% of the profits from his new colorful ducks, available at, are donated to people who dedicate their lives to making a difference to others. That warms the heart, and the SnowJogger warms the toes! Auf Wiedersehen!

The Kids' SnowJogger from Rubber Duck is available at

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