Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Announcing the Mother's Day Giveaway Winner!

Before we announce, we just have to say how moving all of the entries in our Mother's Day Giveaway were, and how much we appreciate all of you Rockin' Mamas out there! If anyone missed the 'love letters' written to rockin' Moms, please do scroll down and check out the comments section of the original post.

That said, we were so moved by each and every entry, that it was utterly impossible for our editors to be able to select a winner. Each entrant is for sure a rockin' Mom, and each Mama and each writer is a winner in our book. Since the entries were for the lovely Michelle Rubin necklace from Shebang (above), one rockin' Mama needed to be selected (we wish we could have picked you all!), so we thought the best idea would be to randomize the entries.

Without further ado, we would like to congratulate Laurie, who posted the winning entry! The entry, about her friend Tina, is as follows:

"This is for my bestest girlfriend, Tina, that I have known since 3rd grade. She is the mother of 3: Jack, 13; Harrison, 11; and Leah, 9. I admire her unconditional love, patience and perseverance through this trying time of their lives. She is going through a divorce from their father. She remains strong for her children, has time to listen and lets them know how much she loves them dearly. She doesn't involve them with the issues between her and their father, yet is able to answer their questions truthfully. It's a privilege to be her friend and witness her parenting skills. She is a phenomenal mother!"

Thank you, Laurie, and thank you all, for sharing these amazing stories. Thank you to shebang for a rockin' prize. Thanks to all the rockin' Mamas out there for doing what they do daily!

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