Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day Giveaway: Michelle Rubin Custom Necklace from Shebang!

In honor of Mother's Day, we have coupled with shopshebang to bring you the mother of all giveaways, crafted by Chicago artist Michelle Rubin! The special sterling silver necklace comes with up to three engraved initial discs, with a rose quartz charm to symbolize love and beauty, which at the end of every spaghetti-on-the-floor-your-homework-needs-to-be-done day is what mommyhood is all about!

To enter our Mother's Day giveaway, just leave a Comment with your name, and write a little love letter to the most rockin' Mom you know- let her know how special she is, and what you admire. Entries will be accepted through Mother's Day, May 10, 2009, the winner will be chosen by the editors, and receive their personalized necklace within 3 weeks, along with a special blog post dedicated to their letter. The winner will be announced on May 12, 2009.

Have fun! To view other goodness (exquisite handbags and jewelry- what's not to love?) from Shebang, visit shopshebang now!


  1. My name is Amelia and I am an Amandaholic. My best friend Amanda got dumped by her rockstar fiancee on the day she told him she was pregs. Instead of losing her mind with a 3 year relationship breakup, she bucked up and kicked ass. She is the strongest woman I know and one day her daughter will understand how rockin' her mamma truly is. Her life has not been easy for the past four years however no one would never know it. She rocks.

  2. Robert Walton ( I would like to enter Patricia Walton! She not only is a wonderful mom but is a wonderful wife, woman, & friend! She always finds a way to make sure that my son & I are happy no matter what she has to work with! She takes care of our son 24-7 and finds time to work and help out that way to! I know that she should win cause she is always doing for everyone else but herself and she deserves something nice for being who she is! Thank you for your time. Robert Walton 515 Prairie St. #4 Arlington, Tx. 76011

  3. Erin Prosser is this cool, hip, with it new momma to Kaya Paige... Kaya is so lucky to have her as her momma...but the best part is that I'm luckier to have a friend like her. Kaya has been an addition to our friendship because Erin has not gotten completely lost in motherhood, but instead has been enhanced by it!

    Shelly Cross

  4. Laurie Kornmuller -

    This is for my bestest girlfriend, Tina that I have known since 3rd grade. She is the mother of 3: Jack, 13; Harrison, 11; and Leah, 9. I admire her unconditional love, patience and perseverance through this trying time of their lives. She is going through a divorce from their father. She remains strong for her children, has time to listen and lets them know how much she loves them dearly. She doesn't involve them with the issues between her and their father, yet is able to answer their questions truthfully. It's a privilege to be her friend and witness her parenting skills. She is a phenomenal mother!

  5. Hello! My name is Nicole Crudo and I'm writing about an amazing mom I know...Kellene O'Connell.

    Kellene became a mom when she gave birth to her son Brady on March 13, 2009. Within 24 hours of his birth, he had to undergo surgery to remove a blockage in his intestines. He has since been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and has had additional procedures...and will undergo another surgery on Thursday, May 7.

    While little Brady has had to endure more than any child should have to, Kellene has truly been grace under fire. As she always is. She loves her Mellencamp, sushi and always makes time for friends. Despite all that's happened in the past 8 weeks, she still responds to emails and texts, updates everyone on what's going on and is making plans for time to sit back, enjoy those same things from before baby...but has some very large challenges ahead of her before she can do so.

    Her very first mother's day won't be spent enjoying a wonderful brunch at a local trendy restaurant with her new son and husband, but rather at the hospital nursing her son back from a (hopefully successful) surgery.

    Certainly not the road she expected as she entered motherhood, but one she's tackled with everything she has. She still looks amazing, is gracious, thankful and she still worries about everyone else and gives so much me, that's a real Rockin' Mom. And now it's her turn to receive back all of the support and love she's given for so long to all of her friends and family. Thanks!

  6. Michelle Ebalo

    My mom passed away three years ago and never got to meet my little Ella who is now seven moths old and has so much of my mom in her. This would be a perfect gift for me to save for her when she is older.


  7. Writers-
    We are blown away by your entries, and the rockin' Mamas you write of! Thank you so very much for aharing. Words don't do how amazing this is justice. -Psycho Baby

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  9. For 27 years, my Mom has dedicated her life to her four children. She is not just amazing because of all the typical Mom things that she did so well, like changing diapers, drying tears and keeping it together when my youngest sister totaled her car. But, she is so much more, because she spent over 20 years personally giving us one of the greatest gifts she could - an education. She sacrificed countless hours, researching curriculum, putting together lesson plans, reading to us and listening to the four of us whine about homework. And she was never off-duty. She dedicated every spare second to making sure my brother learned to read, which the local school said was impossible. But Mom was not going to give up and it paid off - because she believed he could do it.
    I can think of so many stories I could share, but the one that sticks with me the most, was how she was there for me, when I got the news my husband had been injured in Iraq. Without question, she took my baby boy to stay with her, so that I could fly to be with my husband in the hospital, and I knew, without a doubt, that I had nothing to worry about - because my son was with his Grandma, the greatest Mother I have ever had.

    Kat -

  10. I'd like to nominate my wife Andrea as being the most rockin' mom that I know. As the other entries on this blog can attest to, becoming a mom is a life changing event. For someone as smart and strong as my wife, the decision to walk away from the career that she has loved to dedicate herself to our daughter Charlotte and be a stay-at-home mom could have been a difficult one. In the past 15 months that our daughter has been with us, Andrea has never looked back and regretted the decision. From the good times (being able to take her daughter to her first Lollapalooza, years after attending the first Lollapalooza herself) and the hard times (fighting so hard to breastfeed when so many said to just give up and switch to formula), she has always put the needs of our kid first over everything else. I could not say enough about the amazing job that Andrea has done, and have no question that she is the most rockin' mom!

  11. Jeff Gell ( 10, 2009 at 10:41 AM

    These stories are all incredible, but I think my wife Lindsey is even more deserving to be the most rockin' mom ever.

    She tells me that since she was a child, she was made to be a mom, and there's nothing that she would be better at doing. My four children and I can attest that she is true here.

    She works 24/7 not only to cover the basics (feed the kids, change diapers, clean them, run them to doctors, drive them to school, play dates, extracurriculars, etc.) but also make each day special for each and every one of our kids. She knows what makes every one of our kids happy and structures days around their favorite things...whether it's showing our oldest son, an animal lover, species he has never seen before, or taking our younger son, a transportation fanatic, on a trainspotting or planespotting adventure. Our youngeest are newborn twins (6 weeks old), so she's got to guess a little bit about what they like, but it hasn't stopped her from creating adventures for them so far.

    She's also probably the hippest, coolest, most rockin' mom out there...she totally puts her kids first, and then her husband, and herself last, but you'd never know it from looking at her and seeing the fun she has with her girlfriends...whether it's girls' nights out, raising money for her favorite charities, or still going to concerts she should have stopped going to 10 years ago. I don't know how she had the energy to do it, but she was out rockin' with her friends again about a week after delivering our twins!

    Lindsey totally rocks - she's the whole package - the most dedicated mom out there and definitely the coolest! And she'd look even cooler wearing that Michelle Rubin necklace with J, L, T and G charms!

  12. Thank you all very much for your entries into our Mother's Day Giveaway! All of your stories are amazing and the winner will be announced Tuesday, May 12th. Thank you for sharing!


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