Friday, May 22, 2009

Yo, Baby! Strider Ellis: Cool, Crazy Person!

Watch Strider shred to the White Stripes!

We just got our Yo Baby! Kick Flippers, which are the perfect way to practice all those skating, snowboarding and surfing tricks in the comfort and safety of your home. The multi-colored Kick Flippers are the invention of Yo Baby! founder Bob Ellis, who thought up the idea while watching his son, Strider, practicing tricks one day. Strider started on a Kick Flipper at the age of 3, and in a year, was already on Team Termite using his first board, a Tommy Termite 6.50"with Grind King Hardware! Now 6, Strider Ellis resides in Cali and makes us look like slackers: he is the cutie model for the Yo Baby! and Garage Toys line, on the circuit with Termite Skateboards (Mini's Division!), is an NUI beverages team rider and hooked up with Osiris Shoes and Bern Helments, all while attending elementary school!
Strider obviously spends a bunch of time skating (carefully, as he skates with "the bigger boys") as "The Style King" but, of course, that is not all this little guy's about! Strider is a fervent fan of hamburgers with pickles and mustard ONLY, and he likes to feed worms and crickets to his yellow dragon. He is 'forced' to listen to his 12 yeard old sister's music so he knows all the words, but he much prefers to jam to his brother's rock band when they practice in the garage. He loves to skate for fun (always, always with a helmet!), and is learning how to surf while he also plays baseball and basketball and is counting the years til he can play tackle football! He is a huge fan of both Shaun White and Tony Hawk, but also loves creating art, and his Daddy says he's never throwing away anything that even looks remotely like a drawing of his! Without further ado, here is the "Style King" himself, answering our 6 Psycho Questions which will inspire your lil ones to great heights!

Editors: What is the coolest thing that has ever happened to you?
Strider Ellis: "I got 4th place in a skateboard contest against ten year olds!"

Ed: What is the crazest fashion statement you have ever made?
SE: "At 5 years old, my teacher made me wear a belt because I like to sag and have my boxers hang out."

Ed: What is your favorite book?
SE: "I like this ghost one I bought at the libary(library)....Ghost Story."

Ed: What toy can you not live without?
SE: "My skeleton toy and Yo Babies!"

Ed: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
SE: "I would like to have Spiderman's power to spray webs and swing on buildings."

Ed: Who is the coolest parent you know (ties between your Mom and Dad are totally understandable!)?
SE: "My Dad is really cool for sure!"

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