Friday, May 15, 2009

Monster Gifts!

While the word "monster" may conjure up the Loch Ness or Frankenstein to an adult, monsters in a childs world have a way of teaching us all about our feelings, wants and needs. Underneath their blue or pink or red or green fur, these little monsties have giant hearts that want to share their life lessons with the group. Some of our new Monster Gifts include:

Cookie Monster Plush
/Cookie Monster Puppet: The King of Carbs is back in the Sesame Street series from Gund! Cookie is a straight-shooter when it comes to declaring his love and want and need of cookies! He can talk about cookies all day and all of the night, and is really in touch with his emotions regarding his love of baked goods. As much as he dreams of chocolate chips, Cookie is also a fan of healthy foods, but a good pal to your little one when they cannot have a second on dessert!

Mommy's Little Monster Tee
: This funny baby and kids' tee from the Psycho Baby brand works whether you are being ironic, dealing with some food-throwing at lunch or a full out red-faced tantrum in the aisle of the grocery store! Also, there's a funny bonus phrase on the back of this Royal Monster tee for Mommy on the back for when she is chasing her little guy every day.

Moody Monsters
(not shown): Alex Toys has introduced a new matching game full of furry friends that helps kids explore their feelings while they have a monster of a good time!

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