Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cool, Crazy Resolutions for 2013...Psychobaby Style!

New year, new Psychobaby! There's no time like the present to make some life changes, kid. 
In the spirit of 2013 we've rounded up the best Psychobaby resolutions for the year ahead!

1. Explore the arts! Kids' arts and crafts will keep you cultured.
2. Stop picking your nose and pick up a Boogers CD instead!
3. Our Tiny Tunes DJ One-Piece is perfect for kids who want to pick up a new musical hobby!
4. Lullaby CDs for babies will have you—and your parents—sleeping through the night!
5. Grow some fuzz, or fill your closet with kids' mustache clothes and makeover your looks!
6. Melissa & Doug's Food Cutting Box will have you eating your vegetables (or playing with 'em!).
7. Share and trade our Puppy Dog Tags and make new friends!
8. Money troubles be gone! Save that allowance in one of our cool personalized coin purses!
9. Nobody likes a whiner, Psychobaby! Keep your lip zipped with this Mute Button Pacifier.
10. Spread the sibling love with big and little brother gifts & big and little sister gifts!

Here's to a 2013 that's not only healthy and happy, but cool, crazy, and rockin' as well! 
Happy New Year!

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