Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Home Alone Style: Holiday Gifts for your Lil' McCallister!

Home Alone Style! Holiday Gifts for your Little McCallister!

Is there a better holiday movie than Home Alone?! We say NO WAY! In honor of this holiday classic, we rounded up a few gifts that your Psychobaby would be happy to see under the tree, courtesy of the one and only, Kevin McCallister! 

Kevin is mad for plaid, so an Appaman Flannel and a pair of Cargo Twill Pants would be right up his alley! So what if the McCallister house is in the 'burbs? Lil' Kevin would totally dig an 'I PIZZA Chicago Bib.' (Just lay off the late-night mealtime Pepsi, or you will end up like Fuller...) 

Buzz is a jerk! Kevin is a disease! But even a bully of a big brother couldn't resist our Big and Little Brother Puppy Dog Tags! A gift this cool just might make your sibling rethink feeding you to their pet tarantula... Need a place to rest your highly nutritious microwavable macaroni and cheese dinner? A Personalized Placemat makes cleanup a breeze when you have to eat on the run!

This is your house and you have to defend it! Melissa and Doug's Fold-n-Go Dollhouse will come in handy when plotting where exactly you want to hang your cans of paint, or noting which window could use a few broken Christmas ornaments underneath. Stay warm and fit in with the bad guys wearing Me In Mind's Bandit Hat. (Gold tooth optional.)

For aftershave without the burn, Alex's Shaving in the Tub toy will come in handy when washing every body part with actual soap...including all major crevices...including in between your toes and in your belly button, and....AGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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and keep the change ya filthy animal!

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