Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Personalized Placemats Are the Talk of the Town!

Personalized Placemats for kids are back with new rockin' styles! Punkers, rockers—even mustache lovers—everyone can have a placemat with their name on it! Our friends at Windy City Live think our placemats make awesome holiday gifts, and so will every Psychobaby on your list. With a slew of festive meals and holiday snacks to chow on this month, your Psychobaby has never needed a personalized placemat more than now. And Santa! Don't forget about that dude—you don't want him leaving cookie crumbs all over your house do you? Grab a personalized placemat for only $10 and have a hipster holiday—without the mess! (Okay you might still have a mess, but at least it will be contained to the placemat, right?!)

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