Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Coolest Ghosts of Christmas Presents Past!

It's hard not to feel like a bit of a Scrooge when you take a peek at a kid's Christmas list and it's just, well...not that awesome! Sure iPads are cool 'n' all, but as cool as these awesome toys from yesteryear? Heck no! Grab your lil' Ebeneezer and join us as we take a trip back in time to celebrate what was on every kid's list in the not too distant past...

Book? Snooze. Book on tape? BOR-ING. Teddy Ruxpin? Now you're talkin'!

Voltron Lion Force! We say the more plastic lions, the better.
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 Folger's Coffee...but only if it's from the ORIGINAL Peter (what's with this  new dude?!).

Nightmares? Because of My Pet Monster? No way! (Okay, maybe a few...)

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Dear Santa, Please oh please bring me anything by ESPRIT. And I mean ANYTHING.
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Two words: Castle Grayskull. One word: Awesome.

 Kid Pix! Twenty bitmap banners, comin' right up!
File:Kid Pix 1.0 About.png
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Wii? P'shaw! Power Pad is where it's at! Faster! Higher! Take your socks off! NOW!

 Fashion Plates! Get ready to use up every black crayon stub you can find...
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 Pocket Rockers! Those tiny clear tapes, those cool plastic lo-fi players - what's not to love?!

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What gifts were you going gaga for when you were a kid? Tweet us @shop_psychobaby and let us know your favorite Ghosts of Christmas Presents Past!

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