Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cool Things To Take On Spring Break

We've seen Trunkis in every airport around lately, and for good reason! These sturdy suitcases come in a multitude of vibrant colors (easier to spot on the baggage carousel!) and are roomy enough to pack all of your Spring Break gear. Personalize your Trunki with a coordinating saddle-bag and special stickers too! The Trunki doubles as a fun ride-on toy... which comes in handy when you're tired of traveling and need to take a load off!

So, what to bring in your Trunki? Stand out in a crowd of beach bunnies & beach boys with a colorful swimsuit, we're digging these bright styles from Appaman. Make sure to bring a stylish hat to keep the sun out of your eyes (and keep all eyes on you)! Flip flops are a must - nothing worse than sand in your shoe. With so many styles to choose from, you can find a pair to go with all your outfits.

Plan ahead and pick up one of our personalized water bottles - they're eco-friendly and totally trendy! You'll stay hydrated, healthy, and save a little money (use it for ice cream!) by not having to buy bottled drinks. One of our personalized pillowcases will add a touch of home to a boring hotel room, and make napping a little more comfortable when you're 35,000 feet up in the air, or squished in the backseat!

Don't be like this guy! 
Guy sleeping in car
Most importantly -  don't forget the travel games! Feeling bored while you're a million miles away from your toys is no fun... we love these easy-to-pack choices from Melissa and Doug.
Their Flip to Win Memory game has no pieces to lose - genius! You'll still have space to throw in a reusable sticker pad - once you've stuck all the stickers, just peel them off and start again. Even after you pack all your stuff, we have a feeling you might have just enough room left in your Trunki to bring home some cool souvenirs! Bon voyage, Psychobaby!

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