Thursday, March 28, 2013

Rockin' the Main Stage: Mini Shatsu

Mini Shatsu Tees, Dresses and Clothing for Babies and Kids
Mini Shatsu's tees, dresses and clothing have been taking design cues from the streets of L.A. for over twenty years. Their West Coast inspired designs blend music with street style for a look that is fresh, original, and totally rock and roll!

Our favorite thing about Mini Shatsu's line are the crazy amazing details on every single garment.
Check out the pockets on their tees, you never know what you mind find peeking out!
Different fabrics and textures, lots of layers, and a ton of tough-kid attitude make every piece as unique as you are. We especially love the pops of bright color against classic grays and stripes - this collection flawlessly marries modern and classic style elements within each piece. Don't wait to pick up your favorites - less than 1,000 of each design are produced. From sports and skateboards to guitars and headphones, Mini Shatsu has something for every Psychobaby!
So what's a "shatsu," anyway? Well,  it's not this....

 ...that's a Shih Tzu! And it's not this...
that's shiatsu! "Shatsu" actually means "shirt" in Japanese. Hey, you just learned something new, now check out Mini Shatsu's rocking Spring collection!

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