Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Pluto Tees are Out of this World

Pluto Tees for Babies and Kids

Pluto tees and onesies for spring knock it out of the park... out of the stratosphere, even!

Pluto named their company after what is was the littlest planet, and they cater their witty graphic prints to the littlest people - kids! Take your wardrobe to the moon and back with Pluto's newest designs - printed on super-soft cotton tees and one-pieces in every color under the sun.
Whether you're a bad boy, a big sis, or just running wild, Pluto has a shirt that's perfect for your own stellar style.

By the way - we guarantee all Pluto tees are 100% more comfortable than a spacesuit!

via thetripatorium.com

Psychobaby, you may have been born in the USA, but your style will be out of this world in a new tee from Pluto!

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