Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Monkey's Back!

Appaman clothing is known the world over for their iconic monkey logo, and guess what? The Monkey's Back! We're super psyched for Appaman's 2013 Spring collection - it's chock full of fresh style for your little monkey...

via Sodahead
...no, not like that! Like this!

via Appaman

Appaman boys will be treated to a Spring-y spin on their beloved monkey tees and hoodies, while girl fans will go bananas over all this year's colorful tops and dresses. You'll find bright stripes and pops of color everywhere, and a little version of the monkey logo on every awesome Appaman garment!
While you're checking out all the new styles, enjoy another fresh take on a monkey classic - Amy Winehouse's cover of Toots and the Maytal's "Monkey Man!"
Appaman Spring Summer 2013 from Appaman on Vimeo.

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