Friday, August 23, 2013

Fashion Picks From a 5 Year Old

Here at Psychobaby, we love sharing our fave kids clothing and accessories with you guys. Sometimes, though, we need to hear what kids want... from kids themselves. We asked our young friend Chloe what her top picks were - she came up with some awesome choices!

First on her list is Rowdy Sprout's Beatles Love Raglan. Chloe said she'd wear this to her first rock concert, or just because, since she "likes rock and roll." She chose our brand new Lil Yellow Sub Placemat in Pink to brighten up breakfast time. (...we're trying to remember a time when breakfast meant fun cereal instead of a very large cup of coffee... ahh, youth!) This fall is an exciting one for our guest stylist, she's starting kindergarten in just a week, and picked out our pink Pop Art Backpack  to take with her, because she's going to be a "super girl" at school this year!

Choosy moms choose Jif, and apparently choosy kids will choose this Moto Club Vest from Appaman. Adamant about her dislike of outerwear, Chloe was still drawn to this puffy vest's awesome bright colors. Along with anything that's hot pink, her current favorite thing is spending the night at Grandma & Grandpa's house. Our Digi Rainbow Pillowcase would help make their extra bedroom more fun, according to Chloe. Lastly, to celebrate the biggest moment to come in 2014 (besides turning 6, of course), she singled out our Only Child Chevron Tee. We hope you get a sister too, Chloe, little brothers are the worst! (Just kidding!)

Big thanks to Miss Chloe for sharing her top picks with us!

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