Sunday, August 25, 2013

New P'Baby Collection from the Bottom of the Sea

Lil Yellow Submarine and Beatles Gifts for Babies and Kids

Psychobaby is excited to introduce our new Lil Yellow Sub collection of personalized tees and accessories for kids! This brand new super colorful design features a fun yellow submarine graphic and schools of rainbow fish - personalized with your Psychobaby's name in either bright red or vibrant fuchsia. Gift a new baby with an adorable pink Lil Yellow Sub one-piece and matching personalized Lil Yellow Sub baby blanket:
Psychobaby Lil Yellow Sub Blanket Pink
This design appeals equally to kids and adults - the bright colors and bubbly, playful image will put a smile on anyone's face. Check out our recent post on cool rock 'n roll and yellow submarine tees - and a recipe for a totally cute submarine snack. These would be so perfect for a themed birthday party, but just as fun as an after-school nibble. Yum!
We included some awesome accessories in this collection for older Psychobabies too - rock your kiddo's back to school look with a coordinating personalized backpack/water bottle/coin purse combo!

Our Lil Yellow Sub Coin Purse is perfect for storing lunch money... try not to spend it all on Twinkies to make yellow submarine treats. We won't tell, as long as the homework is finished before bedtime! Catch the under-the-sea vibe with these ocean-themed songs while you're working on those math problems or shopping our awesome collection of Beatles gifts for babies and kids!

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