Sunday, August 4, 2013

Trend Checklist: A+ Back-to-School Cool

Cool Back to School Gear for Kids 
Grab some new back to school gear and kick off the year in style! We know, after an awesome summer of sun and fun, going back to school feels like this:
...but a new personalized tee or personalized backpack will help make that first day back awesome instead of awful! Although nothing beats a brand new box of crayons (the big box!), our personalized Color Your Love Heart Tee or Don't Color In The Lines Tee are almost as good. Especially if your Psychobaby would rather be drawing than working on their multiplication tables!
We know, we know, math is important. Still, it can be hard to make reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic entertaining -  so check out some great tips on making homework more fun. We like these creative ideas for spelling practice from
While the kiddos are busy with homework, have a look at our Family Friendly Recipe board on Pinterest. There are some yummy dinner and dessert ideas, but also a lot of healthy and creative snacks that would be great for after school nibbles. Who doesn't want to eat a caterpillar? Well... anyone over the age of 8 probably doesn't... but it sure is cute!
Yum! So before you drag the kids kicking and screaming through the classroom door this fall, make sure you check out all our cool new backpacks, tees, and exclusive back-to-school designs. Who knows, you could score an A+ with your little ones by picking up something new from our awesome selection of back to school fashion and gear!

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