Sunday, February 2, 2014

7 Ways to Get Your Kid To Go To Bed & Stay There
7 Ways to Get Your Kid To Go To Bed & Stay There

1. Kiddos respond best to a routine. Life happens, and sometimes you have to bend the rules, but set some parameters and try to stick to them. This means if bedtime is supposed to be 8:30, they should be in bed between 8 & 8:30!

2. You know when you're having a really draggy day, and end up getting that mid-late afternoon latte? And then you end up cursing yourself at 2 AM when you're still laying awake? Well, same goes for the little ones, so be extra mindful of any caffeine, sugar, candy, chocolate etc. they might have after lunchtime.

3. Doctors recommend between 9 and 12 hours of sleep for kids. What are they, cats? Lucky! Every kiddo is different, just keep an eye on when they actually fall asleep, when they tend to wake up, and what amount of shut-eye leaves them perky all day... then set their bedtime accordingly!

4. This tip is for the whole family! No screens before bed! No computer, no tv, no phone, no tablet, nothing! Scientific studies have proven that the light emitted actually screws with melatonin production, and all the extra stimuli does NOT assist in the winding-down-chilling-out process. This is when you pull out the books and read aloud. This is a LOT easier said than done... you could pretend you're Amish, or that the power is out, and that this is your only option.
5. Slay the monsters! Better yet, spray them! Do a nightly monster check after you brew up your own homemade batch of monster repellent and give your little one's room a good once-over before bedtime. (Hint - lavender is supposed to be a very calming scent, you could try adding a few drops of lavender oil to your spray bottle. Can't hurt!)

6. If they keep getting out of bed, there are several tactics for coping with and changing their behavior. Check out this page for some good strategies, and remember to keep it positive! Verbally praise and reinforce their good nighttime behavior as much as possible!

7. Create a cozy, peaceful bedtime environment. One or two beloved stuffed animals, a dim or dark room, comfy temperature (slightly on the cooler side), soft blankets, and hey, how about a cool personalized pillowcase - these will all set the mood for a restful night of sleep!

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