Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gifts For Little Girls That...

Gifts for Girls
Gifts for girls are easy to pick out when you're shopping for a little lady who loves to sparkle and shine! Whether you're looking for a pretty Valentine's Day outfit, or have a pink-loving princess to shop for, our collection of sparkly girls gifts has you covered. Our top three at the moment are the Miss Audrey Tee, Laverne Hoodie , I'm so Girly I Cry Glitter One-Piece:

Psychobaby Miss Audrey Tee Psychobaby Laverne Hoodie Psychobaby I'm so Girly I Cry Glitter One-Piece

All these sparkly garments have the perfect amount of bling - not too much and not too little! Here's a few quick tips on what NOT to do with glitter:

DON'T make an entire MOVIE about it. It doesn't turn out well.
via wordpress.com
DON'T make your puppy wear it! It is kind of adorable, though.
via dogscatsandpets.co.uk

And DON'T over-apply! How did Ke$ha not go blind with this glitter blizzard in her eyes?
via feminiya.com

Luckily, our girlie tees & dresses obey the rule of all things in moderation. Can't get enough of the sparkly stuff? For more glittery goodness check our our Pinterest board devoted to all things sparkle!

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