Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's Your LUCKY Day! Win...

Seriously just leave a comment with the answer to this riddle:
What kind of bow cannot be tied?
We will choose three commenters with the correct answer to win a brand new, unopened box of Lucky Charms. You know, cause people are always after your Lucky Charms, so you could probably use an extra box. Guys, we promise, we won't even pick out all the marshmallows! Got a better riddle? Share it with us - who knows, we might send you something extra! Check back on March 10th, we will announce the winner on our Facebook page. 

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In 1986, a swirly whale-shape was temporarily added to the lineup of 'mallows in Lucky Charms... ?? Does anyone remember this? Apparently Lucky the Leprechaun and this whale got trapped in a rainbow, resulting in this multi-colored marshmallow!
via x-entertainment.com

Again, all you have to do to win is leave the answer to the question below in a comment, and check our Facebook page  on March 10th when we will announce the winners!


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