Wednesday, March 18, 2015

20 Springtime Baby Names

Springtime baby names are great year round - but now that the snow has finally melted and we're starting to shed our winter coats, we were especially psyched to round-up our fave springy names! Here our top 20 spring-inspired baby names for boys and girls.

Springtime Baby Names for Girls 

Avril - French for "April"
May - like the month
Daisy - like the flower
Phoebe - Greek, "bright, pure"
Laverna - French, "born in the Spring"
Violet - like the flower
Bee/Bea - shortened form of Beatrix, Beatrice, Latin, "traveller"
Asha - Swahili, "life"
Chryssa - feminine form of Chrysanthos, Greek, "golden flower"
Liliana - Portuguese, "Lily"

Springtime Baby Boy Names

Phoenix - from the myth of the bird who is consumed by fire and rises from the ashes - just like Spring is full of rebirth and new growth.
Wells - English "lives by the spring"
Denver - English, "green valley"
Aviv - Hebrew, "Spring"
Sun - Korean, "good" 

For Boys OR Girls:

Robin - diminutive of Robert, also like the bird
Rain, Raine
Soleil - French, "sun"
Kelby - Gaelic, "place by the spring"

Does your Psychobaby have a great springtime baby name? Share with us in the comments!

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