Friday, March 20, 2015

Give Peeps a Chance

Move over jellybeans! Bring on the Easter fun with Peeps! These fluffy, sugary pillows have more uses than I imagined. Easter baskets are just the beginning. As it turns out, there are countless ways to bring on the Peep fun. It was tough to narrow it down, but a Peep martini had to make the list! Below are 11 creative ways to use Peeps in art, games, food and even fashion!

1. Don't Eat the Peep Easter Game by Thirty Handmade Days
2. Psychobaby's Personalized Name Game One-piece: Marshmallow Bunny
3. Easter Peeps Jelly Bean Necklace and Bracelet by Lisa Loves Holidays 
4. Peep Martini - yes it involves Marshmallow Vodka - by She Knows
5. Peep infused Vodka by Baking Bites
6. Peeps Bunny Patch Cake by Cookin With Peeps
7. Easter Peep S'mores by Eclectic Recipes
8. Easter Bunny Dirt Cake by Food Family & Finds 
9. Easter Bunny Peep Cupcakes by Mommy Savers 
10. Easter Tulip Display Arrangement by Craft-O-Maniac
11. The tropical Peepa-Colada by Peep

Who knew that our favorite marshmallowy bunny wears so many Easter hats! As I began to research for "Peep Crafts"for my kids, I got completely sidetracked by the discovery of the Peep art phenomenon. Who knew! I was instantly addicted and spent an hour or so "down the rabbit hole", as it were. I present you with some of my coolest finds from the tiny, cute Peep community: music, art and fashion.

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