Friday, April 17, 2015

John, Paul, George & Ringo: It's a Beatles Round-Up!

The Fab Four are our fave. (Say that ten times fast!)  Their music, their fashion, their attitudes resonate with millions; I mean, there is a reason it's called Beatles MANIA! Here are just a handful of the amazing things these musicians have inspired - crafts, lullabies, and even Russian Nesting Dolls.  We had to limit ourselves to just these items this time, or this blog would be ten pages long.  Check out a tiny selection of our faves below and then come meet us in an Octopus' Garden - we'll be in the shade. 

1. The Beatles Lullaby CD by Rockabye Baby Records  
2. Beatles Band Cupcakes by Instructables 
3. The Beatles DIY Abbey Road Art by a little artsy 
4. Beatles Love Me Do Girlie T-Shirt available at Psychobabyonline 
5. All You Need is Love Cedar Plank Sign DIY by Seven Thirty Three
6. The Beatles Sgt. Pepper Nesting Dolls by Great Russian Gifts
7. Beatles Yellow Submarine One-piece available at Psychobabyonline 
8. Beatles Inspired Birthday Party by Hostess with the Mostess 
9. Beatles 1964 Cake by Cake Central 
10. All You Need is Love DIY Sneakers by Dream a Little Bigger 
11. Personalized Lil Yellow Submarine Pillowcase in Blue by Psychobabyonline  

Years and years after the last Beatles Album is released (I'm sure there are some hidden tracks just biding their time to resurface...), people all over the world will still find them and fall in love with their music and their message.  Because remember: 

If you like what you see here, check out Beatles-themed gifts here

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