Friday, August 3, 2012

Fabulous Finds: London Calling!

We have Olympic fever! (It’s hard not to when the games are being hosted by one of the world’s coolest cities.) If you’re like us, your mind has been wandering off on London adventures when the Olympics break for commercial. Lil’ blokes and birds who share our fondness for life across the pond will dig our fabulous UK faves - accessories from Okutani, British invasion lullabies from Rockabye Baby, and gear for future Olympians from the Psychobaby Custom Shop! Whether your Psychobaby is a fan of the Stones or the Beatles, prefers bangers & mash to fish & chips, or calls it football instead of soccer, we have cool UK swag they will dig!

Cheer on team USA all the way, but don’t feel guilty if a little part of you wants to wave the Union Jack in support for the Brits. Your secret is safe with us. 

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