Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Take Home the Gold!

 Personalized baby gifts always take home the gold! Wear our World Love Tee and boast about being your country’s next Olympian! Okay, so you can’t walk yet (let alone sprint), and maybe your swimming skills are more water wings in the shallow end than a 200 meter breaststroke, but give it time Psychobaby; you got this! Until you start breaking land speed records you can rock our World Love Onesie or Tee with pride, and even if you aren’t so sporty you can wear this flag tee to cheer on your home team or brag about being a jet setting Psychobaby!

P.S. We have more flags available (pretty much any flag you can think of) so give us a ring and we can help you place a custom order!

This week's One-Piece Wednesday twitter give away is our Yummy Yummy In My Tummy One-Piece!

To win this week's one piece, find us on Twitter (@shop_psychobaby) and retweet our weekly tweet, or just click the birds above and they'll help you out.

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