Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Rowdy Sprout: Blondie, The Beatles, Bruce and more...

Rowdy Sprout baby and kid's rock tees are back with the the most snuggly line of new loungewear and dresses! Seriously, these pieces are so cool we are jealous they don't make them in adult sizes. I mean c'mon, there are pants with Debbie Harry's face plastered on them, for goodness sake! You know your lil' rocker is hardcore if they want to eat, breathe, and lounge rock-n-roll, 
and now they can, thanks to Rowdy Sprout.

Amp that guitar up to 11, Psychobaby! No? You'd rather read a book under a blankie? Well, since you are wearing your Blondie pants I suppose that's okay. Browse the latest from The Beatles, to Bruce, and more; here's to showing off your rockin' style 'round the clock!

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