Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Splash Flash Sale: 30% Off - 2 days Only!

Unique outdoor toys and cool summer clothes for kids are two great ways to celebrate the final days of the season...and two ways to celebrate calls for two days of sales! 

Take 30% off our summer favorites for two days only - today through the end of the day tomorrow (that's Tuesday if you're a busy parent like us who has no clue what day of the week it is!) Shop summer styles, or stock up for back to school before the calendar flips to September. 
Summer isn't over yet, so start shopping! 

In need of one last dose of summer fun? Share these fun summer facts with your kiddo:
Placed end to end, it would take just over 21 MILLION of our medium Sushi Flip Flops to circle the earth! That's 24,901 miles of flip flops! 
The biggest soap bubble ever blown was 105.4 cubic feet, which, if filled with water, would be big enough to hold 788 gallons!

How many melted popsicles would you need if you wanted to fill an Olympic size swimming pool? 50 MILLION! (At least 49,967,445 depending on the depth of the pool. Whoa.)

Americans eat roughly 155 million hot dogs on the Fourth of July. If you stacked 155 million of our Chicago Hot Dog Bibs your pile would be over 305 miles tall - the same height as 1,110 Sears (ahem, Willis) Towers!

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