Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just In: Beatles, Dylan and Bruce, Oh My!

Rowdy Sprout rock tees for babies and kids are the hottest fashion ticket for fall! What do The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, and Sublime have in common? No, they aren't headlining an awesome music festival (we wish!); they are gracing the newest Rowdy Sprout t-shirts - along with The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, and more!

Rowdy Sprout t-shirts are the softest things around, and since these tees already have that vintage feel your kiddo can skip the breaking-in period and go straight to rocking-n-rolling. Cool band tees just scratch the surface - when it comes to live music, babies have it pretty good:
Top Ten Reasons It's Great To Be a Concert Baby:

10. You aren't embarrassed by your dancing skills.
9. Crying increases the odds that the show will start on time.
8. No one will  know you need changing if you stand next to the pachouli kids.
7. Bad opening act = naptime.
6. Crawling through people's legs is the fastest way to the front row.
5. Diapers mean no lines for the bathroom!
4. Sitting on someone's shoulders gives you a clean sight line to the stage.
3. You wake up at the crack of dawn so you can be first in line for general admission.
2. Security check? No one will ever search a bag with a dirty diaper inside!
1. It's a lot easier to get backstage when you are cute.

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