Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Alien in a Cup

Stare into the cup, then tilt your head slightly to the right. Do ya see it? Try again and you'll see the miracle that lives in a coffee mug in our sink here at Psychobaby. It's not the Virgin Mary or sweet baby Jesus. Todd is his name. Yep! Todd, the alien in the cup, decided to come hang out with us while here on Earth. Although he just appeared one afternoon, we're pretty sure he got separated from his alien parents, who may be shopping in the neighborhood, who knows. Todd loves two things: 1. Being photographed (As he did not shy away from the dozens of pics that Linday and I snapped of him) 2. Peaco, the cute pink Ugly Doll. We're convinced they have become quite the pair after hours. Well its day 2 and Todd still lives in a cup which no one is allowed to touch. Todd, we heart you !

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