Friday, May 28, 2010

Sex and the City 2 Celebri - Teenie Style Match

Non-spoiler alert: (Our gal Jessica has already seen Sex and the City 2, and we've made her swear on her Chanel that she won't tell us a thing, so you can keep reading without fears of figuring out the Aidan-Big thing)

Now, I heard a rumor (ah, E! News, what would I do without you?) that there was a flashback sequence in the movie. Since we swore Jess to secrecy, I have no confirmation but it got me thinking--- if the fabulous gals were super-flashing back to toddlerdom, what would they be wearing to their Hamptons Memorial Day Weekend get-aways with their families? And who better for a fashion smack down than eclectic, creative Carrie and hostess-with-the-mostess Char?

So for the love of 'all the girls in their mother's pearls" let me know who's style you like best!

Get their look at psychobabyonline:
On Carrie: ( Pink Fedora, $13, New York Dolls tee, $21, Black Tutu, $12, Fashion Sticker Collection, $4.99
On Charlotte: Plaid Tank Dress, $47, Heart Tea Set, $31, Cupcake Kit, $19.99)

Stylists: Kristina, Jess and Molly
Photos courtesy of HBO

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