Monday, May 10, 2010

The hardest working mom in kids' showbiz

Don't let her tiny frame fool you. At 5"2, Miss Ann is a ball of sweet lovin' energy on stage. Kids and parents alike, are flocking to hear her folk rock fun!

Warren Truitt of the Kids Music That Rocks blog says this about Clap For Love: "On what may be the kids' album with the grooviest title of the year, Chicago's Ann Torralba uses a mix of world, folk, and rock influences to create one of the best children's CDs of 2008. On her first CD for kids as Little Miss Ann, 2006's Music for Tots, Torralba featured a more folk rock sound. Well, the reverse is true on Clap for Love: rock is definitely emphasized over folk, as Ann and her full band flesh out originals and traditional tunes."

This busy lady can be seen all summer at some favorite Chicago spots including the fabulous Beat Kitchen this Sunday, May 16th. at noon.
Tickets are $5 at the door or purchase them in advance from

Q: What is your favorite song to sing and why?

A: "Stand Up". It's message empowers kids. That's cool!

Q: What are your three desert island records?

A: Wilco "Yankee Foxtrot Hotel" Joanna Newsom "Milk-eyed Mender" Feist "The Reminder"

Q: Describe yourself in three adjectives

A: Quirky, Friendly, Energetic

Q: Describe your music in three adjectives

A: Upbeat, Melodic, Folk-Rock

Q: If you couldn't play music, what would you do?

A: I really like kids music. So if I couldn't play it, I'd like to be involved in some OTHER aspect of bringing a diverse array of kids music to families, teachers, and librarians.

For more show dates including her Road Trip to Madison visit

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