Friday, May 14, 2010

This that make you go vroom!

Little gentleman, rev your engines!
Get the fun rolling with Alex's Parking Garage, $86. A crowd favorite jammie line, At Home, has introduced a perfect three piece set for the future car enthusiast, Race Car Gift Set, $51. Designed by Patrick Calello with children's development in mind, it's no surprise that these modern little wonders have become known for their long play value. With interchangeble tires, wheels, roofs and body blocks, kids can use their limitless imaginations to design their own car. Start your collection with the Red C9 Sports Car, $39. No more lost or dropped blankets! A local designer and mom, Jessica Kim, has come up with the genius solution to keeping your little guy toasty with this cosy car seat cover. Babbaco Beep Beep car seat cover, $66. This appaman Flame Van Tee is on fire! Literally! No detail is spared with this amazing line. We love the super soft fabric and the two-toned roll sleeeve, $35. All aboard for some stacking fun! It's no wonder this is Melissa and Doug's #1 seller. With 15 interlocking wooden pieces and a simple classic feel, it reminds us parents that it is sometimes best to keep it simple. Stacking Train, $16.99. Create your own race car with this easy to assemble and paint car also from good 'ol Melissa and Doug, $4.99

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