Sunday, May 2, 2010

We're seven today!

They say that having your own business is like having another child. I agree, and now my FOURTH is seven years old. It's bitter sweet, to be sure, but much more sweet than bitter.
Sure I miss the early innocent years, when Psychobaby wobbled and occasionally stumbled, but got right back up again kicking and screaming, and carried on. Then, growing strong, finding its' unique personality, expressing its individuality, trying new things, delighting in each success. Yup, I'm one proud mama, and as I sit here reflecting on many motherly things, like the fact that Oliver, my oldest son and the original Psychobaby is going to be TWELVE this summer, one truth glares out at me, it really does take a "village" to raise a child. For me, that village has been my partner Lisa, the wonderful women who work for us and also give Psychobaby the daily love and nurturing that it needs. But most of all, YOU have been the village that has raised this other kid of mine. Thank you for loving Psychobaby, it loves you back and so do I.


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