Thursday, May 6, 2010

Meet the Boogers!

We had a chance to meet with the Boogers, who are performing live at Reggie's this Saturday at 3pm! The Boogers are Crusty (guitar and vox), Greenie (bass) and Sticky (drums) and these Chicagoans' debut album, "The Road to Rock" received a 2009 National Parenting Publications Gold Award! Their special brand of punk rock for the kids is based on lead singer Crusty's PhD in developmental psychology, so each song not only rocks, but helps kids learn, too! Crusty states, " Our goal is to bring hard rock/punk to the kiddos and their parents. I wouldn't say all of the kids' music out there sucks, because that's not true. There's lotsa great kids' music and musicians, especially in Chicago, but I douldn't find anything that really ROCKED. So, I started the Boogers to provide kid-friendly punk rock for my 3 boys, and it turned out a lot of people were looking for the same thing." Now here's a quick Get To Know You with Crusty from the Boogers!

1. My first instrument was: A drum set constructed out of empty Baskin-Robbins ice-cream tubs. It didn't last long!

2. My first song was: The 1st Boogers song was "Mary" a fast-rave up loosely based on "Mary Had a Little Lamb, which you can see on You Tube.

3. My first gig was: The Boogers' first gig was a benefit at Fitzgerald's. ..We've been invited back every year and now we are the main act.

4. The weirdest place I've ever played was: Great America - 'nuff said!

5. My favorite song to sing is: Hard to 'pick,' but PB &J is great because it is so fast and the kids just go into the joyous frenzy celebrating the world's greatest sandwich."

6. My desert isle albums are: Road to Ruin (Ramones), London Calling (the Clash) and Rock for Light (Bad Brains)

We hope you enjoyed this quick one-on-one with Crusty from the Boogers, and that you can come out and rock at Reggie's this weekend. The Boogers have made it their mission to bring the rock to kids and their families - one of those families should be yours!!!

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