Thursday, June 13, 2013

30% Off Arts & Crafts

Ready Set Go Sale on Arts & Crafts for Kids
Get crafty with 30% off art supplies this week during our Ready, Set, Go sale! Sometimes it's just too hot to hang outside in the summer, so put on the AC and stay cool inside with some fun craft projects! If you haven't yet, pick up a pack of Melissa and Doug's ingenious triangular colored pencils or crayons. They're much stronger than regular ones, and thanks to their flat sides, they never roll off the table! 
Melissa and Doug Triangular Colored PencilsMelissa and Doug Jumbo Take Along Crayon Set
We're pretty sure you wont want to go back to regular crayons after you try these - but don't let all the broken bits and pieces of your old crayons go to waste! Grab a muffin pan and melt those scraps into some cool chunky rainbow crayons. Find detailed instructions on recycling crayons here.
Recycled Crayon Crayons
And now you need something to color! Grab one of Melissa and Doug's fun coloring books - they've got themes covering everything from planes to princesses. Or just get a blank sketch pad and go crazy! If there's one rule we live by here at Psychobaby, it's that you definitely don't have to color inside the lines. Check out lots more cool craft ideas on our DIY Pinterest board, but remember to shop now to score 30% off on awesome art supplies for kids!

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