Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ice Cream, You Scream

Summer Clothes for Babies and Kids
Our ice cream themed summer clothes for babies and kids are so cool, they're cold! These summer styles are so yummy - you'll be chasing these tees down instead of the ice cream man. If you weren't already jonesing for a triple scoop sundae with chocolate syrup and a cherry on top, you will be once you see our tasty Eat 'em Up Ice Cream Sundae Tee and bib:
Psychobaby Eat 'Em Up Ice Cream Sundae Tee Psychobaby Eat 'Em Up Ice Cream Sundae Bib
Along with these ice cream designs, we have all kinds of cute sun hats, breezy summer tops, hip shorts, cool tanks and fun flip flops to add to your warm weather wardrobe. 
 We also want to give some props to the fine people of Long Beach, CA, and Washington D.C., who (according to this cool infographic) eat more ice cream than anywhere else in America. Nice work, guys! We're going to go give 'em a run for their money...  once we decide what flavor to get... You should treat yourself and your little ones to a yummy sundae or shake too, but first, check out our delicious collection of ice cream themed gifts and sweet summer styles!

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