Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rock the Plank!

Pirate Presents for Babies and Kids
Pirate gifts for babies and kids arrrrrrr an excellent way to make any little landlubber into a timber-shivering sailor. There are some big advantages to being a pirate: the freedom of the open sea, treasure, getting to hang out on tropical islands, treasure, doing whatever you want whenever you want to, did we mention the treasure? So if it's yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for yo, read on for Psychobaby's Top Tips for Pirate Life!

1. Drink like a pirate! Well, not exactly. Stay away from the rum, and drink your water/juice in a pirate style with our Rad Skull Water Bottle.

2. Eat like a pirate! This swashbuckling snack made of fruit will help ward off scurvy, and you can use one of our Rad Skull Placemats to keep any mess off the table in your galley! (Mothers of pirates appreciate anything that helps them avoid swabbing the deck.)

3. Talk like a pirate! Boost your pirate vocabulary, it's as easy as replacing your "hellos" with "ahoys." Scatter a few choice pirate words into conversation and ye will be instantly soundin' less like a landlubber, and more like a salty sea dog, savvy?

4. Live like a pirate! Check out this extremely lucky little captain's amazing pirate room design. There are lots of cool ideas on Pinterest for pirate-y ways to decorate your Captain's Quarters too, if you haven't collected quite enough gold doubloons to finance an adventure/remodel of this magnitude.

5. Sleep like a sailor with our Dream On Personalized Pirate Pillowcase. One side has a great pirate themed graphic, add your name to the flip side and protect your pillow from marauding buccaneers!
6. Dress like a pirate. Whether you're in full on captain costume or just chillin' like a... scallywag... our My First Tattoo Skull Tee will have you looking like the Jolliest of Rogers! This skull print tee comes in several different colors, like pink and fuchsia - perfect for those tough but girlie pirate princesses.
7. Play like a pirate! Chances are you're probably somewhat land-locked, but don't let that stop you. Check out this awesome recycled cardboard ship... make the living room your ocean, and sail away!
8. Rock like a pirate with the most classic of shanties... 'A Pirate's Life for Me!'

9. Pirate-ify your friends! Your parents might not let you keep a parrot or a monkey in your room, so be resourceful and make do with what you have. There's no reason why your first mate can't also be your pup!
Now that you've got the basics down, weigh anchor, hoist the mizzen, and sail on over to shop our cool collection of pirate gifts! Arrrrrrr!

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