Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Calling All Superheroes!

 Superhero gifts for babies and kids will save the day when you've got a little Superbaby or Iron Kid to shop for. Your hero-in-training is bound to land sometime, and when it happens, we've got all their super-needs covered from breakfast to bedtime!
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Any mini crusader will be psyched to eat their Wheaties off a cool personalized Pop Art Placemat, or trick out their baby bat-cave with a Pop Art Pillowcase. Comic book fans will especially like our newest design. Put a little kapow in your outfit with a personalized Action Packed Hero Tee! We also added this cool graphic to our collection of personalized water bottles - even heroes need to hydrate!
Action Packed Hero One-Piece - PsychobabyAction Packed Hero Tee - PsychobabyAction Packed Hero Water Bottle - Psychobaby

Don't forget, the newest film in the Superman franchise comes out this Friday. While you're killing time till Man of Steel is in theaters, take a look at Billboard's roundup of superhero songs. Or skip straight to the hard stuff, and get your Iron Man on!
 So be a super (cool) parent and rock a lil' Sabbath while you shop our collection of superhero gifts!

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