Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dial in Style!

Personalized cell phone covers are the newest addition to Psychobaby's line of awesome customized accessories! We've turned some of our favorite designs into cool cell phone cases, and added a few new ones too!
"Omg, Greg, did you hear? Psychobaby started making cell phone cases!"
"No way, man! I'm gonna go check them out right now!"

Don't get caught with your Apple showing - dress up your iPhone with one of our awesome new phone covers. Older kiddos (and anyone who likes cool stuff) will dig on our fun Eat Em Up cases. We just added gummy bears to our delicious collection - which includes pizza, sushi, and of course the almighty cheeseburger. Embrace the sleek, pocket size version of one of the coolest telephones ever made (remember, the one Juno had?)! The cheeseburger phone is seriously awesome but seriously bulky... and you definitely can't send texts from it. Grab our scrumptious case instead, and play a little Candy Crush Saga in style!

 Psychobaby Eat 'Em Up Cheeseburger Phone Case

We've also designed some cute chevron print phone cases with 'Momisms' printed on them, and we're pretty sure we have a couple Dad would dig on too. So Psychoparents and Psychobabies of the world - kick it up a notch and Psycho-fy your phone! Shop our cool customized cell phone cases now!
 Psychobaby Personalized Cell Phone Cases
images via ian-luke.com, 123rf.com, perpetualkid.com

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