Thursday, June 6, 2013

30% off our Monster Mash

 Monster Gifts for Baby and Kids
We're giving you 30% off monster gifts for babies and kids in this week's Ready, Set, Go sale!
Save on all kinds of furry, toothy monster-y stuff, including our brand new Beastly Awake-Asleep Pillowcases. Our adorable beastie lettering makes these two awesome personalized pillowcases perfect for any young monster's cave. One side instructs your itty-bitty beast to rise and shine, the other tells them to catch some Zzzzs!
Dream On Beastly Awake-Asleep Pillowcase in PinkDream On Beastly Awake-Asleep Pillowcase in Pink
Along with these fun pillowcases, you'll find several of our classic monster designs, a few newer Beastly Alphabet items, and some friendly-faced monster toys at 30% off. If you've got a mini monster of your own, you'd better check out all our cute and creepy monster t shirts and gifts, on sale this week only!

*Bonus - take a minute and check out REM's amazing transformation of their song 'Shiny, Happy, People' into 'Furry, Happy, Monsters.' It's monster-rific!

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