Sunday, June 2, 2013

Father's Day Gift Guide for Rad Dads

1. Yum! An Eat 'em Up Cheeseburger Phone Case ($14) from Psychobaby lets your foodie Dad subtly boast of his grill skills... or at least flaunt his love of a juicy, perfectly cooked cheeseburger.

2. For the Rocker Dad, we like this totally metal (get it?!) barbecue fork ($20)... even if he's better at chillin' than grillin', at least Dad will look super hardcore trying!

3. Got a Sci Fi Father on your hands? Well, since you forgot to spend the last 11 months knitting him a Dr. Who scarf, we say pick up this awesome Star Wars book, "Vader's Little Princess" ($14.95). Hey, Darth was Leia's father too!

4. If your dad's 'sleeves' have more dragons and koi fish than pinstripes - pick up one of our My Dad's Tattoos Tees ($26) and tell the world what's up: "My dad's tattoos are cooler than your dad's tattoos."

5. Any sports fan knows the single greatest goal of parenthood is to raise up a new generation of fans for your fave team. Check out "Dad's Playbook" ($13) - a cool collection of quotes from some all-time great coaches. This fun book will remind you, as former 49ers coach Bill Walsh said, "You've got to have fun sometimes." 

6. Eco-conscious pops will dig these bamboo earbuds ($38) - your Green Guy will look cool while simulatenously rocking out and doing his part to save the world.

7. For hip daddios with sweet 'staches, we have this foolproof plan for fatherly fun:
Step 1 - Capture a precious moment between your baby and your baby's daddy on film.
Step 2 -  Put this photo on display in our Mr. Mustache frame ($34).
Step 3 - Leave said photo on display... until your Psychobaby is a Psycho-teen, and have a great time embarrassing him in front of his prom date. Success!

8. For the Dad-In-Denial: was your father a frat brother in his previous life? We designed the perfect gift for bro-turned-daddies - our reusable Happy Hour Brewski water bottle, ($18) which not-so-subtly states Dad's desire for a particular beverage. Not that chocolate milk and apple juice aren't great, sometimes you gotta let Dad kick back and relax with a taste of the good old days!

Check out more of our favorite Kid Tested, Dad Approved gifts, and have a Happy Father's Day!

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