Wednesday, October 3, 2012

20% Off Melissa & Doug to Fill Your Toy Box!

Melissa and Doug Toys are 20% off now through October 31! It's time to get your Psychobaby that Wooden Pizza Party set they have been eying, pick up a few floor puzzles to keep your brood entertained, or just sit your kiddo down and tell them to browse a "preview of Santa's workshop" you just found on the internet. We don't care if you are stocking up on all of your birthday gifts for the year to come or grabbing a Nail Art Activity book for yourself as a carpool line boredom buster (What? It looks totally awesome!); whatever it is, it is 20% off! 

The name Melissa means "honey bee" and Doug means "dark water," but together Melissa & Doug mean super-duper cool toys! Experts in creating educational learning toys, puzzles, and classic wooden toys, Melissa and Doug know a thing or two about what kids like (they have been making toys for over 24 years). Enter code MD20 at checkout or shop our Melissa & Doug sale at the Psychobaby brick & mortar for 20% off!

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