Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Get Ready to Giggle...


 1. Fifty Shades of Baby Tee
 2. Chicks are All Over Me Tee
 3. Ladies Man Tee
 4. My Dad's Tattoos are Cooler Tee 
 5. Lock Up Your Daughters Tee
 6. I'm Not Allowed to Date...Ever! Tee
 7. Sir Poops a Lot Tee
 8. Poo Factory Tee
 9. Status Update Tee
10. Boob Man Tee

Funny baby and kids' tees always get the laughs! Between diaper mishaps, unexplained giggle fits,  and crayon drawings that share a few too many details, kids say (and do) the darndest things! Celebrate your aspiring comedian's gift of humor with a funny t-shirt or onesie. It's not as if your Psychobaby is going on a job interview any time soon, so why not wear that boob man tee with pride? What? Why are you giving us that look? He IS a boob man! Kids don't need much help in the funny department, but these ten tees will keep 'em cracking up!

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