Monday, October 29, 2012

Cool Cut-Outs: Custom Silhouettes at Psychobaby!

Custom cut silhouettes are headed to Psychobaby! Erik Johnson, 3rd generation silhouette artist, will use his scissors to snip and cut your child’s likeness into a treasured keepsake for your family. Erik will capture your kiddos being their adorable selves, no rock-n-roll needed. (But hey, if you want to make a silhouette of your son wearing a Slash hat we won’t stop you.)

Erik Johnson will be visiting the Psychobaby brick and ; mortar Thursday November 15, starting at 10am through 6pm. Priced at $25 per sitting, Erik’s original hand cut silhouettes make wonderful holiday gifts in addition to much-loved keepsakes. Duplicates of the same silhouette are $15, so go ahead and get an extra for the grandparents! Framing is also available. Each sitting takes approximately 5 minutes (Erik is not only talented, he is speedy as well!).

Call us at 773-772-2815 to make an appointment for a sitting, 
or email our manager at brittani.psychobaby {at} gmail {dot} com
Don't forget to RSVP to our Facebook event and help spread the word.
We look forward to seeing you and your silhouetted Psychobabies on  November 15!

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