Friday, October 5, 2012

A Hip Place to Lay Your Head for...$22!

Personalized kids' pillowcases make for a hip place to lay your head! 
Getting your Psychobaby to go to bed can be a challenge to say the least. The reading of 25 books at minimum; the serving of countless glasses of water; the shooing them out of your bed until you are forced to give up! Just thinking about it makes us want a nap. As parents we have to get creative, which is why we designed these personalized pillowcases! What kid wouldn't look forward to retiring for the night on a pirate pillowcase, or napping on a pillowcase printed with headphones? And because we know kids love anything with their name on it, all of our pillowcases can be personalized to make them extra special! From pop art, to football, to cupcakes and more, we've got pillowcases for your cool, crazy kiddo!

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