Friday, October 19, 2012

Greatest Hits, Psychobaby Style!

If Psychobaby put out a greatest hits album it would look a little like our top selling baby and kids' clothing!

Track One: Awesome Personalized Accessorize for Kids.
Track Two: Sports Gifts for Lil' Linebackers.
Track Three:  Rock n Roll Kids' clothing, from favorite bands to DJ tees, and more.
Track Four: Your Go-To Baby Gift (A set of cute baby socks, perhaps?)

Okay, maybe our album is more of an EP, but shopping our top sellers will give you access to all of the great deep cuts and b-sides! Here's  more top selling rock-n-roll trivia for ya: Michael Jackson's Thriller is the top selling album of all time; The Beatles are the top selling artist of all time; and while U2 just bumped the Rolling Stones out of the top grossing tour honor, the Stones are responsible for four of the top ten grossing tours of all time! 

Looks like our top sellers are in good company. Browse a little best of the best, Psychobaby style. Trust us when we say you are going to want to play these style tracks on repeat!

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