Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Superhero Style for Your Comic-Loving Kiddo!

Superhero baby and kids' gifts are comin' atcha! POW! BLAM! KABOOM! If your Psychobaby wears their bib like a cape or can leap a Lego tower in a single bound they might be a superhero in the making. Snag some swag for your Batman-to-be from our collection of cool baby and kids' gifts and your wee one will look like they just stepped out of a comic book.

Mask, check. Web-slinger, check. Tool belt, check. Super-sidekick, check.

The only thing missing from this heroic checklist is a personalized baby t-shirt with your Psychobaby's name emblazoned on the front. Look! There in the's a's a plane...nope, it's a Psychobaby!

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